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cultivate strength and stamina

Our Vinyasa classes offer a progressive and creative practice that enhances your body’s power and flexibility by skilfully co-ordinating the breath and functional movement in versatile ways. While this is a physically stronger practice, all levels are welcome. Adapting the practice to suit your individual needs is strongly encouraged and is key to improving mindful awareness and connection.

peaceful and slow

Our Yin classes focus on holding poses gently for between 3-5 minutes. Postures are typically floor based which can be deeply nourishing for your muscle, nerve and connective tissues. Qualities of surrender and acceptance are foundations of a Yin practice. This offers you tremendous benefits for everyday living – integrating body and mind as a whole, alongside developing a deeper sense of oneself.

deeply relaxing and rejuvenating

Our Restorative classes instill calm and ease. By using props such as bolsters, blankets and chairs to support your yoga postures, the body and mind have an opportunity to deeply relax and the nervous system is soothed and re-balanced. This can be an extremely beneficial practice for busy people – whether you’re recovering from an illness/injury or just looking to support your overall wellbeing. Whatever the reason, Restorative Yoga supports anyone and everyone – it’s when the good just gets better.